How to Create Your Own Step-By-Step Ribbon Model Infographic on PowerPoint

Hello fellow PowerPoint enthusiasts. Welcome again to another great guide on PowerPoint! This week, we are going to learn how to create a step-by-step ribbon model for all of your awesome PowerPoint presentations and PowerPoint decks! What on Earth is a Step-by-Step Ribbon Model? I’m really looking for a better title since it’s too confusing […]

How to Use White Space in PowerPoint Design

In the context of PowerPoint design, white space (or whitespace (or even ‘negative space’ sometimes)) is arguably the most important principle of design to take full advantage of. Sadly, as many you have seen, not many people do that. You see slides plastered with information, even covering the margins! We have to put an end to this sort […]

5 PowerPoint Tips and Tricks That Will Save You Time When Making Your Slides

Although PowerPoint is an extremely important tool for most of us, it can get really annoying spending a lot of time making PowerPoint slides. The good news is that as you progress with PowerPoint you get more acquainted with some of the hotkeys and features. The bad news is you really need to dig around the internet […]

How to Make an Awesome Front Cover for your Powerpoint Presentation / Deck

This video is a Slide Cow PowerPoint tutorial that will teach you how to make a front cover or slide that your boss, colleagues and clients will fall in love with. “So what? It’s just a front cover.” Just a front cover, you say?Front Covers Are Everything!Hate to break it to you, but for various reasons (including […]