eBook: The Airbnb Pitch Deck Doesn't Work​

The Airbnb pitch deck isn’t as great as you make it out to be, and it certainly is NOT a model that you should use when you’re building your own venture capital pitch deck.

This eBook will help you understand why.

Why We Created This eBook

Every entrepreneur and their mother believes the Airbnb pitch deck is the holy grail of pitch decks. They often see it as the pitch startup pitch deck in the world.

But nothing is further from the truth.

Airbnb’s success is phenomenal, and no one is arguing that. But we don’t think their success is a result of an amazing pitch deck.

Okay, sure, the original Airbnb pitch deck from 2009 did get some things right. But it also got a LOT of things wrong, and those wrong things can hurt your chances when you’re out there seeking funding.

To put it simply: we created this eBook because we want you to win.

We want you to really think about what should (and shouldn’t) go into your pitch decks, and increase every possible chance of acquiring the funding you need.

Take it from one startup to another: We’re all in this game together. We’re all after building the next big thing.

And the only way we can do that is by sharing our knowledge and experiences.

Stop wasting time. Download this eBook right now (it’s free), and learn from a team of professionals that do this stuff for a living.

"I was curious to see this Airbnb pitch deck - to see if it's was just as terrible as the PowerPoint presentations I meet every day at work. And it was for sure!!! I had a really good laugh reading your e-book and it also taught me a thing or two."
Connie F. H.

What's Inside

Entrepreneurs all over the world have downloaded this eBook to understand:

  • A slide-by-slide copy of the original Airbnb pitch deck from 2009.
  • Surprising revelations of the Airbnb pitch decks’ creation process.
  • The one key thing that’s missing and that should ALWAYS be in ANY venture capital pitch deck.
  • The good, bad, and ugly of every slide in the deck.
  • Actionable suggestions on how to enhance the deck’s overall perceived value.
  • Easy-to-implement strategies the best pitchers use that any entrepreneur can follow when making their pitch rounds

We Even Redesigned Some Slides

Ever thought that the Airbnb pitch deck’s design was a little bland? We thought so too, which is why we redesigned some slides to really take Airbnb’s pitch to another level. The eBook will show a before and after of each slide we redesigned, as well as an explanation as to why we made those changes.

Yousef “Yoyo” Abu Ghaidah
Chief Excitement Officer of Slide Cow Inc.

About The Author

Yoyo’s the founder CEO of Slide Cow Inc, a company that specializes in designing the best presentation experiences on the planet.
He’s created over 1,000 pitch decks and proposals for clients all over the world, all with a solid focus on pairing an engaging narrative with breath-takingly beautiful design.

Prior to forming Slide Cow, Yoyo worked at Deloitte’s management consulting practice and came to be known as the ‘Presentation Guy’ of the office. He carried that same title for every job he got hired for since.

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