About - Slide Cow


What is Slide Cow

Now how many of these PowerPoint presentations do you think are beautiful? Memorable? Aesthetic? Effective? Probably less than 5%, and that’s me being generous.

And that’s where Slide Cow comes in.

Slide Cow is the ultimate PowerPoint platform. We create fun, interactive and engaging PowerPoint tutorials that are held up to today’s design standards. We will teach you everything, from basic design principles, to creating amazing KPI dashboards, to making sheep using PowerPoint shapes. And the best part is, we will always have the importance of your information in mind. We will never teach you to sacrifice content for design. Promise.

You don’t have to make bland slides anymore! No more comic sans fonts! No more water fall animations! No more large-scale bullet points!

No more!

At Slide Cow, we are all about making you the go-to-person for PowerPoint. Doesn’t matter if you’re a student trying to get that A with his next PowerPoint presentation, or an entrepreneur creating her next pitch deck using PowerPoint. Slide Cow has you covered.

Who’s Behind the Madness?

My name is Yousef, but I go by the nickname “Yoyo.” I’m the founder of Slide Cow. I’m the guy who’s over-enthusiastic and passionate with the video tutorials (well, most of them anyway).

I currently work in Strategy & Business Development. I’ve had experience in a Big Four consulting firm, and a semi-government asset management and real estate firm.

I’ve created hundreds of beautiful presentations and decks that have been delivered to senior executives in various industries. I’ve even been recognized and commended for my delivery in PowerPoint.

And that’s what I want to happen to you. I want you to be noticed for your PowerPoint skills, and thus, your communication skills.