We design engaging stories, beautiful presentations, and corporate PowerPoint templates.

We're REALLY Good At What We Do

1. We Craft Stories

We translate your key messages, values, and goals into an engaging, audience-focused narrative. We compile this narrative into an easy-to-process storyboard.

“Beautiful slides with a great story!”

-Mary Semait, Makery Designs

2. We Design Presentations

We design and animate beautiful, compelling, drool-worthy PowerPoint slides to visually illustrate your story.

“Slide Cow provided a really nice presentation, made the review process easy and accommodated my schedule.

-Eugenia Buggs, Generali Global Assistance

3. We Create Corporate PowerPoint Templates

We create custom, on-brand PowerPoint templates that you and your team can use to design beautiful slides every single time.

“The design and thoroughness of building our PowerPoint template was really on the mark for what we were looking for.”

-Terry Lo, Akoya Biosciences

Three Steps Is All It Takes

1. Discuss

You hold a consultation call with us. We’ll understand your project’s goals and set out a game plan.

2. Design

We’ll get to work and design your story, slides, and/or PowerPoint template.


You’ll receive your deliverables in your inbox, and we’ll go over what we did with you.

“You saved my talk! Thank you!”

-Jessica McCabe, HowToADHD

Your Investment

Every project varies. But, our minimum engagement price is


Prices are in USD.

Concerned about the price?

Remember that whatever we charge doesn’t even come close to what unclear, confusing, uninspiring and boring presentations are costing you.

“It was worth every single penny.”

-Yousef Fakhro, Exxon Mobil


Where is Slide Cow based?

Although Slide Cow is incorporated as a C-Corporation in the State of Delaware, the United States, we’re a digital agency made up of people from all over the world.

What am I getting if I were to procure Slide Cow’s services?

A team of top-of-the-line storytellers, copywriters and/or designers that breathe presentations day-in and day-out. We help with content, design, strategy, and delivery.

The content on my slides is VERY confidential. How do you deal with confidentiality?

We really (REALLY) value confidentiality, and we put processes in place to make sure you can sleep at night. This includes having every client sign an agreement with a clear-cut, no BS privacy/confidentiality clause, the option to sign an NDA (yours or ours) and to only use the systems and software that value and protect a user’s privacy (e.g. storage systems using AES-256/SHA-256 encryption) when we’re handling client projects.

Can you help me with the content and key messages on each slide?

Absolutely! That’s what storytelling’s all about! We’ll help create tell the perfect story that focuses on your audience, and then bring that same story to life with breathtakingly good visuals.

Do I get any revisions?

Yep. You get a standard two revisions at no cost. Anything beyond that will be billed at an hourly rate.

Can I see some of your previous work?

Of course! Check out our case studies.

How long will it take to finish a presentation-related project?

All of our presentation-related projects usually take between 2 to 4 weeks to complete. There are some circumstances that could make the completion of a project longer or shorter, though.

Do you do rush projects?

Yes, but we have to be very clear on the terms of the project. Get in touch with us to know more.

What makes you different from all the different presentation design freelancers on Fiverr, UpWork, 99Designs, etc.

Short answer: Quality. Long answer: read this.

I can’t afford this right now. Do you have anything a little more economical I can use?

Certainly. We have tons of pre-designed PowerPoint templates, all of which are usually below the $25 mark. Check out our templates here.

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