Since your privacy is important to us, we took the time to develop this policy to make sure you understand exactly how we collect, use, communicate and make use of personal information.

When accessing our website, Slide Cow Inc. will learn certain information about you during your visit.

Similar to other commercial websites, our website uses a standard technology called “cookies” as well as web server logs in order to collect information about how our website is used. Information gathered through cookies and web server logs may include:

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small files which tend to be stored on your computer. They are designed to hold a small amount of data specific to you and a website.

The way it works is simple. When visiting a website, the website’s computer will generally ask your computer for permission to store a cookie file into your hard drive. Keep in mind, there is generally a specific part of your hard drive that is designated to store cookies.

As a common standard, each website can send its own cookie to your browser, which in turn, will be stored on your hard drive. But this will only happen if your browser’s preferences allow for it. You can, of course, tweak your browser’s settings to not accept any cookies from specific websites or any website at all.

Further to the above, your browser will only permit a website to access the cookies it has already sent to your computer, and not the cookies sent to you by other websites. This is done to protect your privacy.

What are IP Addresses?

Your IP address is a specific chain of numbers that is used by computers within the network to identify your computer.

In general, IP addresses are collected by our web server as part of the process of collecting information on demographics and profiles. This is known as “traffic data.” Traffic data also enables our website to send data to you (such as the pages you request).

Email Information

We designed the website to make sure that you are in total control of your email privacy, as well as your correspondence.

If you choose to communicate to members of Slide Cow Inc. via email, then we may retain the content of your email with your email address and our responses.

Do note: We provide the same protections for these emails to other areas of communication (such as other online communication channels, mail and telephone).

We urge you to take a look at our disclaimer page to learn more about our emailing and anti-spam policies.

How Do We Use the Information You Provide?

We typically use personal information for the following activities:

We need to make this explicitly clear: Slide Cow Inc. will not, under any circumstances, obtain any personally identifying information when you visit our website. However, there will be instances where you give us personally identifying information, but only when you accept our permission to do so (e.g. subscribing to Slide Cow’s email list, or purchasing a product).

If you, at your own request, provide us with any personally identifying information, we will not sell or transfer this information to any unaffiliated third parties without your permission.

With the above in mind, there are instances where Slide Cow Inc. may disclose personal information when it is legally compelled (by law) to do so.


As a general standard, you should recognize that email is not a secure medium of communication. As such, we request that you do not send us any private information to us by email. Doing so is allowed but at your own risk.

As stated above, we do not sell or transfer your emails to any unaffiliated third parties without your permission.


Slide Cow Inc. uses software to create summary statistics, which are used to assess various metrics that help us make business decisions. Some examples of using summary statistics include:

Slide Cow Inc. may also use software to monitor network traffic in order to identify any malicious activities (e.g. identifying any unauthorized attempts to upload or change information).


We may use Google Analytics and other advertising networks to display ads across the internet based on your visit to our website.

Generally speaking, third-party vendors, including Google, may or may not show our ads on other websites you access on the internet.

When opting for the advertising route, our website may use first-party and third-party cookies in combination in order to optimize and serve ads to you based on your past visits and pages visited on this website.

You have the option to opt-out of this category of advertising at any time. You can do so by changing your ad settings, or using the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.


When purchasing a product from Slide Cow, you may be requested to type in your personal information, which may include your name, email, address, telephone number, and payment information (e.g. credit card number).

In effect, you are typing this personal information into a payment processor. Some common examples of payment processors on the internet today include PayPal and Stripe.

Your name, email, address and telephone number may be accessible by Slide Cow Inc., but only by using these payment processing platforms. Generally, we only access this data for recordkeeping and bookkeeping purposes.

Your payment information (e.g. your credit card number) can not and will not be accessible by Slide Cow Inc, under any circumstances. This is because the payment processors we choose have secure encryption methods that protect any and all financial information associated with you.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time with or without notice. But be assured that if this Privacy Policy does change in the future, we will not use any personal information you provide to us in a way that is inconsistent with this privacy policy without your prior consent.


If you have any requests, concerns, or questions about this policy, then we urge you to contact us.