How to Turn an Ugly PowerPoint Slide into Something Great (ft. One Skill)

Folks, I have a great one for you today. One Skill, a popular PowerPoint YouTube celebrity (yes, that’s a thing) reached out to me and asked if he and I could collaborate on something. Turns out, he loves the Slide Cow Design a Good Slide Series (check out the latest episode here) and wanted to see if there we could redesign an ugly PowerPoint slide into something great!

Let me just put this out there. I am a huge PowerPoint nerd. When I got an email from him, it was sort of like getting an email from Sofia Vergara. I totally fangirled. There was a lot of heavy breathing and anxiety. Perhaps more than I’d like to admit.

The rules of the game

The rules are simple. It was my job to send One Skill a slide that he can redesign, but it had to be something terrible. I don’t mean slightly-off, I don’t mean bad, I literally mean absolute garbage.

To do this, I had to focus my zen and turn into 5-year old Yoyo. Nothing was off limits. Awful word art? Check. Disproportionate fonts? Check. Horrendous picture? Check. A PowerPoint shape for no-God-damn-reason? Check. Bullet Points? Check.  It was a REALLY fun experience that only took me two minutes. Here’s what I came up with.

I sent that off to him and was hoping it wouldn’t be too difficult. In a few days, I got a reply with his redesigned slide. Here’s how it looks like.

I have to say, the guy conquered the challenge and made it look like it was easy. He even threw in some animation in there to really rub salt in the wound.

Anyway, I thought this would be a great way for you guys to learn every-single-step OneSkill took to redesign the slide from start to finish. So here’s the video tutorial!

By the way, One Skill was a huge fan of the Slide Cow Toolkit. You can see for yourself in the video!

If you’re looking for the credits, they’re all on the YouTube video description.

Let me know which part of the video you enjoyed in the comments below! Mine was when he brought a cow into the phone. Ha!

Yousef "Yoyo" Abu Ghaidah

Yousef "Yoyo" Abu Ghaidah

Yousef "Yoyo" Abu Ghaidah is a PowerPoint ninja that founded Slide Cow, a learning platform for all things PowerPoint, presentations and public speaking. When he's not designing slides or giving presentations, he's on another coffee run.
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