Slay Your Executive Presentation with These 4 Tips (2020 Update)

2020 Update: Originally published in 2017, this post has been updated to help you kick off your 2020 ideas with an all-meat, no-BS approach.Let’s start this one off with a question: If you were asked to give an executive presentation, and you know that your CEO is going to be in the room, how would you […]

Data Can Make (Or Catastrophically Break) Your Pitch Deck

Want to know the easiest way to an investor’s heart? Using data in a pitch deck. It makes sense. Investors will be able to see exactly what’s in it for them, why their funding matters, and why you’re the right person for the job. All through the careful sourcing, curation, processing and visual representation of data. Data does work. […]

5 Easy Ways to Get Beautiful Icons into Your PowerPoint Slides

5 ways to import icons into your powerpoint slides

The world goes by so fast. As humans, we need quick and easy ways to process information. And that’s precisely what icons do! Icons provide essential instructions or descriptions through visual representation. And the cool part? This is usually done in the form of a single image. Think about it: We all know that a circle with a […]

Designing a Modern PowerPoint Template With Akoya Biosciences

Feature Image for Akoya Biosciences Case Study

The ClientAkoya Biosciences, ‘The Spatial Biology Company™’ develops, manufactures and sells instruments, services, gear and software for life science researchers. Their technology is state of the art, and they love taking an innovative approach in everything they do.The ProblemAkoya Biosciences’ management needed a PowerPoint template that went beyond the basic 15-slide standard that most corporations […]

We Partnered With Exxon Mobil to Design a Presentation About Dugongs

The ClientThe Qatar Public and Government Affairs team (which we’ll call Q-PGA from now on) of Exxon Mobil. Yes, the giant billion dollar and multinational oil and gas corporation. That one.The ProblemThe Q-PGA team concluded a year-long campaign on preserving and protecting the dugong (or ‘sea cow’) population of Qatar. The team were asked to […]

How to Export High-Resolution Images from PowerPoint

Feature Image - how to export high resolution images with powerpoint

So, you’ve designed some awesome slides. Now you want to see how to export those slides as images, and want to make sure that they come out looking great. Don’t worry, I got you covered. Today, we’re going to configure your PowerPoint software (no matter what version it is) so that we can only export high-resolution images […]