Use This PowerPoint Image Checklist To Pick Perfect Images

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Last week, we answered where we could get excellent images for your PowerPoint slides, and I showed you four websites that you can use to get free, high-quality stock photos. This week, you’re going to use a PowerPoint image checklist to show you how to get the right images for your PowerPoint slide, every time.


Full disclosure, I did not come up with the content on this PowerPoint image checklist. Full credit goes to Ellen Finkelstein.

The BARE PowerPoint Image Checklist

The BARE checklist is a model made up of four questions that you can ask yourself when you’re looking for images for your PowerPoint slide. If you satisfy all four questions, then you have a winning image. The questions are:

  1. Big – Is the image big enough for your PowerPoint slide?
  2. Arresting – Is the image arresting (is it an attention-grabber)?
  3. Relevant – Is the image relevant to the content of your PowerPoint slide?
  4. Emotional – Does the image tap into your audience’s emotions?

Let’s analyze these questions, one by one.

Question 1: Is the image big enough for your PowerPoint slide?

If you’re using small images for your PowerPoint slides, then try to limit them as much as possible. Truthfully? Small images don’t create that impact or that ‘umph‘ that your audience is looking for. You need an image that is large so that your audience immediately recognizes it influences your PowerPoint slide.

Question 2: Is the image arresting (is it an attention grabber)?

Attention-grabbing images are hard to come by, but you NEED something that is separate from the norm. Try and find an image that will make your audience look twice. If you want an example, I used this image in a presentation once:

Man in Gray Suit Jacket Holding Yellow Banana Fruit While Making Face

Why did I use it? Well, the slide was discussing theft in the workplace, and I know that if I didn’t choose the right image, my audience would fall asleep. So I wanted to pick something attention-grabbing, funny, and impactful. A large-headed man holding a banana to rob people looks pretty attention-grabbing, don’t you think?

Question 3: Is the image relevant to the content of your PowerPoint slide?

Images have to be of interest to the content of your PowerPoint slide, so please, don’t pick images just because they look nice. Instead, look for images that hold a direct correlation to your content. This way, you’re making sure your slides don’t just look great, but are memorable too.

Question 4: Does the image tap into your audience’s emotions?

This is a difficult one. The goal is to look images that tap into your audience’s emotions. When you do this, you’re more likely to persuade your audience because you’re connecting your message to something more personal to them. Look for images that can make your audience laugh, frown, cringe, or even cry!


Be sure to go through this checklist every time you want to want to look for an image for your PowerPoint slide. By doing so, you’re making your PowerPoint slides attractive, impactful and memorable.

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