Design A Good PowerPoint Slide: Episode 4 – Emoji Bar Charts

Let’s make a PowerPoint bar chart different today. And by different, I mean REALLY different. You know, by adding an emoji or two!

Adding life (or, faces really) to bar charts

Here’s the email I got:

Dear Yoyo,

I’m loving your Design A Good Slide Series!

Please do mine next! I have a bar chart and some text that I have to present, but it looks so boring compared to what you do. I want to make something creative and fun!


John A.

I took John’s PowerPoint slide and redesigned it to (hopefully) reflect what he said. His slide is on the left, and mine is on the right. Be sure to move the slider  to get a better view.

What I did and why I did it.

The two key words in John’s email are “creative” and “fun.”

What’s more creative and fun than adding an emoji or two to our column charts?

So the first thing I did was take his concept of singling out the tallest bar (or column, or whatever you want to call it) and make it look the strongest dude out there. I did this by utilizing icons and, quite literally, making a smug face using text and shapes.

I then added shocked faces on the blue bars, to further reinforce the message that the yellow bar is the greatest of all time.

The rest was just matching with the theme, including the redesign of the title, and the correlation of the text to the yellow bar itself.

Is this easy to do?

To be honest, not really. But if you follow the video to the letter, you’ll be okay.

What does this PowerPoint tutorial cover?

This PowerPoint tutorial will teach us how to:

  • Add fun emoji to our bar charts using shapes, text, and effective copy-and-paste techniques.
  • Further reinforce the theme of the slide with relevant fonts, colors, key words, and text positioning.
  • Take advantage of white space within our PowerPoint slide so that it is clear and concise through key positioning.
Credit where it’s due

The flexing arm icon is identified as ‘Strong by Hopkins from the Noun Project.’

Yousef "Yoyo" Abu Ghaidah

Yousef "Yoyo" Abu Ghaidah

Yousef "Yoyo" Abu Ghaidah is a PowerPoint ninja that founded Slide Cow, a learning platform for all things PowerPoint, presentations and public speaking. When he's not designing slides or giving presentations, he's on another coffee run.
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