5 Easy Ways to Get Beautiful Icons into Your PowerPoint Slides

5 ways to import icons into your powerpoint slides

The world goes by so fast. As humans, we need quick and easy ways to process information. And that’s precisely what icons do! Icons provide essential instructions or descriptions through visual representation. And the cool part? This is usually done in the form of a single image. Think about it: We all know that a circle with a […]

How to Export High-Resolution Images from PowerPoint

Feature Image - how to export high resolution images with powerpoint

So, you’ve designed some awesome slides. Now you want to see how to export those slides as images, and want to make sure that they come out looking great. Don’t worry, I got you covered. Today, we’re going to configure your PowerPoint software (no matter what version it is) so that we can only export high-resolution images […]

Here’s a Cool Way to Animate Your Slide’s Background in PowerPoint

Cool Way to Animate Slide Background in PowerPoint

Animating a slide’s background in PowerPoint is easier than you think it is. I mean it. You can have an animated background in five minutes flat. All it takes is to know what to look out for, what settings to use, and how you position all the different components in the slide. So, in this tutorial, I’m going […]

How to Design a Seriously Compelling Image-Focused Slide in PowerPoint

Okay, I get it. Some (but not all) of the PowerPoint tutorials I have on here are a little tedious for the average Joe to follow along with it. So let’s go with an easy one today: I’m going to show you how to design a crazily good-looking slide using no more than 6 words of text and one […]

How to Beautifully Design Your Business Proposal’s “Our Clients” Slide


If you’re a consultant, designer, lawyer, or hold a profession within any professional services industry, then you need to know how to design a slide that will show off your clients. And I’m going to help you do that today. Disclaimer Before getting into the details of this tutorial, I just want to make something explicitly […]

How to Link to Specific Slides Within the Same PowerPoint Presentation


Let’s say you’re giving a presentation. You reach Slide 4, but need to find a way to go Slide 16. The norm is to have a presenter go through every slide until he reaches the 16th. Well, that’s just a waste of time. There’s a much easier way to do this; a way so easy […]