no more boring presentations

Ever wondered what would it be like if your teams could design presentations that “wow” the audience?

Ever considered that maybe (just maybe) your team could put an end to copying and pasting way too much text on each slide?

Or perhaps you thought about what your organization would look like if you train your team to understand expectations so well, that they create beautiful, engaging and effective presentations that gets results every single time?

We can help you.

We’ll give your presenters everything they need to create and deliver presentations like the pros. They’ll be able to inform, engage and persuade their audiences like never before.

Our team will take your presenters on a journey to presentation greatness. We’ll focus on what truly makes an exceptional presentation, and hone every skill to deliver one.

End result? Your team will be equipped with the required skills and mindset that they need to deliver the presentations you’ve been dreaming about. And we’ll help them get there through carefully planned training programs that are catered to meet your needs.

Everything's according to what you need

We don’t apply a “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to our training programs (or anything we service, for that matter).

The reason? We know that every organization is different.

Instead, we create training programs that are tailored to your needs. Every single one of your requirements will be translated into proven training modules that will get your team up and running in no time.

An on top of that, we’ll work with your material and branding to create something special, just for you.

what you can learn

Visual Storyboarding: Learn how to translate boring, text-focused slides into slides that visually represent ideas in a way that’s compelling, persuasive, and attractive.

Presentation Design: Do you use PowerPoint? Do you want your team to know all the fancy tricks we use to create stellar slides? We can help with that.

Illustrative Support: Are you jealous of your competitors using amazing images in their slides, and wondered how you can achieve the same? We’ll teach you where and how we get our visuals from.

Narrative Formulation: Let’s stop with the bullet points being read out loud, and craft narratives that focus on enhancing a presenter’s language.


Empathy: Here’s a free tip: Your presentations aren’t for you. We can teach you how to think like a member of your audience, and consequentially, create and present what they want to see.

Enthusiasm: No more boring monotones. We’ll teach your team how to be excited about the content they want to present.

Openers: Let’s get rid of the “Hi, I’m [Name], and I’m here to talk about [Subject]. Learn a model that’ll have your audience on the edge of their seat, from the very beginning.


Watch Us In Action!

We hosted a Presentation Design Workshop with GoToWebinar in front of 1,500 attendees, and it was awesome! We even broke a bunch of records.

Read the full blog post we made describing the entire event, from start to finish.

How It All Works



You’ll submit a form to us and give us an overview of what sort of training you’re after. You can be as detailed or as brief as you’d like.



Once we read your form submission, we’ll reach out to you and schedule a time where we can discuss your training requirements via web conference. We’re going to note down every little detail.



We’ll get to work and create a training program that takes all of your needs into account. You’ll have a chance to go through the modules, and we can make any changes you see fit. We’ll also work together set up the logistics.



It’s training time! Here, our trainers will run your presentation skills training program. The training will be practical, focused, and turn your team into presentation superstars.

Yoyo and Slide Cow are excellent resources of expertise regarding presentations. The decks I’ve built upon Slide Cow materials have gotten me clients, promotions and job offers – they offer an entirely different level of presentation quality than you normally find in corporate settings. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Yoyo and Slide Cow!

Tom Dahlström
Sales Manager at Smoope

Inspire Your Teams

Our trainings will super-charge your teams' motivation and inspire with a dash of fresh air.

Effective, Engaging, Entertaining

Your teams will produce presentations that get results. And that too using a fraction of your organization's current man-hours taken for the same!

When You Work With Us, You’re In Good Great Company

We don’t train your teams to create presentations. We train them to get the results you want by crafting engaging story-telling experiences.

Your Privacy

We understand your concerns. Every engagement comes with a hand crafted NDA that fits your organization’s needs.

Your Goals

Our trainings are designed for one thing – your ROI. We focus on results, improving productivity around your organization and saving your precious time.

Your Needs

This isn’t about making your slides pretty, though we are damn good at that too. But this is about studying your deeper goals getting you results.

Your Time

Our trainings are created with rapid presentation deck building in mind. Your teams will start putting together drop dead gorgeous and engaging presentations in 1/2 the time.

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