Give a permanent upgrade to your organizations’ presentations design skills!


Have your company presentations turned your meetings into boring snooze fests?

Does your team design sub-par presentations?

Are you tired of seeing them copy-paste too much text on each slide?

Perhaps you hate the way it looks and flows now?

Presentations are like resumes for your business and your teams. 

They need to truly reflect who you are and communicate your worth. If not, you could be risking a lot – big deals, your brand image, budget allocations, investments, status within your organization and in some cases… even your jobs.

We’re here to help!

Have you wondered what would it be like, if your teams could design presentations that “wow” the audience?

How would your organization change if you train them to understand your (or their management) expectations so well, that they create beautiful, engaging and effective presentations that gets results?

With our help, your audience will enjoy your presentation so much they’ll be asking you for the next one, like it’s a friggin’ Netflix special!

How do you train your teams, to turn your boring snooze fest meetings and presentations INTO engaging, effective and entertaining stories that keep your audience hooked until the end and gets you the results you seek?

Get Yoyo, our founder to train your teams to design presentations. Your teams’ presentations will NEVER be the same again!

Our Services

2-Day Training Workshops

Two day comprehensive workshop mastering the fundamental concepts of storytelling and PowerPoint design training with some simple yet powerful techniques.

Half / Full Day Training

Highly recommended for teams looking for a quick effective skill make-over with comprehensive PowerPoint design training. We leave your teams inspired with loads of new ideas that they will look forward creating in PowerPoint.

Virtual Online Training For Teams

Same same, but different. Everything from the live trainings done over web conferencing solutions. Designed for teams big or small with interactive online learning platform to maximize two-way communications.


We Hosted a Presentation Design Workshop with GoToWebinar and It Broke Records.
Read the full blog post we made describing the entire event in details.

Click below to watch the full webinar recording

What people say about Slide Cow?

My competitors will be jealous!

I needed an original ppt template that would “wow” my executive-level business clients. And it had to be customized for the specific kinds of data I most often report. Slide Cow delivered! Fresh design, fantastic understanding of my audience, great customer service.
Kathryn Korostoff
President and Lead Instructor, Research Rockstar LLC.

Beautiful Slides with a Great Story!

The templates even help me structure the way i want to tell my story with the way they're designed as they inspire some flow ideas. After working with Slidecow, I don't think i can work with any other presentation design company! You set the bar so high. Keep up the good work.
Maryam Alsemaitt
Co-Founder / Partner @ Makery.


Slide Cow believes in enthusiasm, engagement and getting-result as its core value. We believe the world will be a better place if everyone is passionate, excited and empathetic in everything they do.

In our case, we’re all about engaging results-oriented presentations. We dream of a world every single presentation is inspiring and engages the audience until the end and leaves them wanting more. Hence, our mission is to change the way we communicate in the world, one slide at a time.

Inspire Your Teams

Our trainings will super-charge your teams' motivation and inspire with a dash of fresh air.

Effective, Engaging, Entertaining

Your teams will produce presentations that get results. And that too using a fraction of your organization's current man-hours taken for the same!

When You Work With Us, You’re In Good Great Company

We don’t train your teams to create presentations. We train them to get the results you want by crafting engaging story-telling experiences.


We understand your concerns. Every engagement comes with a hand crafted NDA that fits your organization’s needs.

ROI Focused Training

Our trainings are designed for one thing – your ROI. We focus on results, improving productivity around your organization and saving your precious time.

Your Needs

This isn’t about making your slides pretty, though we are damn good at that too. But this is about studying your deeper goals getting you results.


Our trainings are created with rapid presentation deck building in mind. Your teams will start putting together drop dead gorgeous and engaging presentations in 1/2 the time.


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