Strive PowerPoint Template

The Strive PowerPoint Template is a modern, clean, simple, multipurpose deck aimed to inspire your audience to take action. 

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It's Time to Inspire

Did you, at any point of your career, work day and night on a presentation only to notice how uninspiring your delivery was?

Did you fail to get your audience to act on your idea, product, or service?

Did your audience leave the room feeling confused, clueless, or even unmotivated?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the truth is you failed to create even the slightest impact on your audience, and did not inspire them enough to take actionable steps towards an end result.

Let's be clear: You could prepare for the most amazing, sentimental, efficient presentation of your life. But if your goal is to get your audience to do something, then you have to know how to design PowerPoint slides that inspire people to act.

Of course, you could look through different tutorials on the web to do this. You could even buy a few books, take a few courses, and ask a few people on how to perfect your call-to-action strategy. But that sort stuff takes time and money.

Why not opt for simpler approach?

Introducing: Strive

A modern, multipurpose PowerPoint template that is designed to present your ideas in the most engaging way possible.

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Introducing: Strive

A modern, multipurpose PowerPoint template that is designed to present ideas in the most engaging way possible.

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Designed to Engage

Strive uses simple persuasive design alongside contrasting colors to make your message stand out against the flood of bland presentations out there.

Infographics That Inspire

The infographics in Strive are bold, unique, and inspirational. They help tell your story and make sure that your message is easy to understand, and easier to act on.

Fonts to Be Heard, Not Read

Strive uses Lovelo Black and Calibri, a powerful combination that makes your content unique, effective and impactful to the masses.

Inspire Your Audience Today!

Grab Strive's 94 slides and 360 icons in one affordable package.

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I had built my deck using advice from Slide Cow tutorials and adapted slides and icons from the Strive PowerPoint template. The results were amazing.

First of all: The patterns and structure of the Strive PowerPoint template was a massive motivation and help with regards to refining my content. You don't just let yourself get away with "kind of okay" text and data from the format that says "this is where it's at."

Second of all: With both content and form honed to perfection, my confidence and performance during the presentation were at their best. I felt I had every attendant's attention and was able to drive home every point we wanted to make.

- Tom D.

The Slides of the Strive PowerPoint Template

Inspire Your Audience Today!

Grab Strive's 94 slides and 360 icons in one affordable package.

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Instant purchase and no brainer. Templates and icons look great. Nice work.

- Mateen A.

Yes, Everything is 100% Editable

The Strive PowerPoint template is all about allowing you to take control of your content. Everything is completely editable to your needs, right down to the icons. Check out the pictures below to get a sense of how much control you have.

Inspire Your Audience Today!

Grab Strive's 94 slides and 360 icons in one affordable package.

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What You're Getting

94 Gorgeous Slides

Make the presentation you love with 94 beautiful slides.

Image Placeholders

Easily drag-and-drop any images into Strive's defined placeholders.

360 Expressive Icons

Express your message with 360 fully editable and unique icons.

16:9 Aspect Ratio

Ready to be edited, used and presented right of out the box.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this PowerPoint template work exactly?
This is a custom-made PowerPoint template that already contains all of the content that you've seen in this page. All you have to do is download it, open it, and get to work. You can keep it simple by changing a few text boxes, or you could go a little further and play around with the infographics. It's all up to you.

What happens when I purchase this template?
Upon your purchase, you'll get a couple of emails detailing your invoice as well as a download link to the template. Simply click on the link in the email to download the template.

Am I allowed to have this template on more than one computer?
As long as you, and only you, have access to this template, then yes. You can have this template on as many computers as you want.

Can I send this template to my colleagues or friends for them to use as well?
Sorry, but no. This template was made specifically for people who want to take their presentations seriously. If it's you who took that step, then it should also be you reaping the rewards that come with it and not somebody else taking it from you. If a person shares your goals and ambitions to be an awesome visual communicator, then just tell them to grab this template from Slide Cow. For more information about this, read up on Slide Cow's End User License Agreement Policy.

What operating system and/or version of PowerPoint do I need?
This template is best optimized for Windows PowerPoint versions 2013 and above, and the 2016 version of PowerPoint for Mac. It does work on earlier visions, but you may run into a few issues since the functionalities of PowerPoint have developed to a certain degree over the years. We've tested this template on both Windows and Mac without running into any major issues.

Can I get a discount?
Sorry, but no. 95% of Slide Cow's content is free as-is. We want to keep making awesome content for you, and for that, we need a solid source of revenue.

There's nothing in this PowerPoint template that I don't like. The slides, the icons, everything! This is such an awesome product at great value.

- John A.

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Inspire Your Audience Today!

Grab Strive's 94 slides and 360 icons in one affordable package.

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