SeeVee: CV and Cover Letter PowerPoint Templates

The SeeVee Pack is a neat bunch CV and cover letter templates made in PowerPoint. These templates are gorgeous, easy to use, and designed to increase your chances of getting noticed for your dream job.

Recruiters Are Brutal

Picture this: A recruiter at your dream company just picks up your CV.

Do you know how long it will take her to decide if your CV is worth reading?

Six Seconds.

No, what you read is not a typo. Studies show that recruiters will spend an average of six seconds reviewing an individual resume. That means that you, the job applicant, have six seconds to make the impression of a lifetime.

Let's not fool ourselves. You won't be able to demonstrate that you're the perfect candidate for a job in six seconds. There's just not enough time for you to go through your skills, experience and credentials in one full sweep.

You would probably have a better shot at being noticed by having a CV that immediately stands out from the rest. We're talking about a CV that invites anyone to say "Oh, this looks interesting."

The First Impression Test

Be Honest. 

If you were a recruiter at your dream company, which of these CVs would stand out to you more?

Boring CV that a recruiter might receive

Exhibit A

A boring, typical CV that ends up on every recruiter's desk.

Exhibit B

An eye-catching CV that recognizes your value.

Yeah, we'd pick Exhibit B too.

Always remember that recruiters are brutal. And hey, they every right to be.

They go through hundreds of job applications a day. They really don't have the time to go through every single application in full, and have no obligation to find out why you're the best applicant for the role

But again, this isn't about your capabilities. You're a superstar! You have everything it takes to be awesome.

All you need is a little visual boost to nail that first impression with your resume.

And that's where our SeeVee PowerPoint Pack can help you.

Get Noticed With The SeeVee Pack

The SeeVee Pack is a compilation of five CV and cover letter templates. All the templates are 100% editable in PowerPoint.

Made For PowerPoint Users

Let's face it: PowerPoint is the most accessible software out there. It doesn't restrict things like Microsoft Word does, nor is it too complicated to use like Adobe Photoshop is. Now, anyone can have a good looking CV!

The SeeVee Line Up

1: The Minimalist

Clean, elegant, and lots of whitespace. This CV and cover letter combination is all about keeping the important things exactly where they need to be.

2: The Impactful

Looking to make a strong impression? Use these bad boys. Bright colors, a strong typeface, and a perfect structure to house your information.

3: The Professional

Want to keep things safe and professional? Use this CV and cover letter duo. They're practically made for professional-only setups.

4: The Balanced

If you're looking for the perfect blend of corporate and creative vibes, give this pair of templates a shot.

5: The Slanted

So you really want to stand out, huh? Then go for a template that literally won't sit up right. Recruiters will tilt their heads just to know more about you.

Feeling Adventurous?

Go ahead and buy the entire CV and cover letter template bundle at a major discount.

How It All Works

Step 1:

Download your SeeVee PowerPoint pack of choice.

Step 2:

Make edits to your template in PowerPoint.

Step 3:

Export your new docs as PDFs and hand 'em out!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the SeeVee PowerPoint Pack work?
The SeeVee PowerPoint Pack comes with five pairs of CV and cover letter design templates for PowerPoint. All you have to do is download the files, choose a design direction, and get to work. You can keep it simple by changing a few text boxes, or you could go a little further and play around with the colors. It's all up to you.

Why can't I just use a SaaS resume service from another company instead?
You can absolutely do this, but be warned that those services usually charge a fee every month. With SeeVee, you only pay once and get a template you can use for life. So really, the choice is yours.

What happens when I purchase this template?
Upon your purchase, you'll get a couple of emails detailing your invoice as well as a download link to the files. Simply click on the link in the email to download the template.

Am I allowed to have this template on more than one computer?
As long as you, and only you, have access to this template, then yes. You can have this template on as many computers as you want.

Can I send these files to my colleagues or friends for them to use as well?
Sorry, but no. This template was made specifically for people who want to take their visual communication objectives seriously. If it's you who took that step, then it should also be you reaping the rewards that come with it.

What operating system and/or version of PowerPoint do I need?
This See Me CV Pack is best optimized for Windows PowerPoint versions 2013 and above. It is also optimized for the 2016 version and above for Mac. While the pack does work on earlier visions, you may run into a few issues since the functionalities of PowerPoint have developed to a certain degree over the years. We've tested this template on both Windows and Mac without running into any major issues.

100% Editable in PowerPoint

Editable CV Template in PowerPoint

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