What Does It Take For a Hero To Present To BMW?

The Client

A prominent adventurer, Khaled Al-Jaber has traveled over 40 countries spanning four continents, all on a BMW MOTORRAD (a motorcycle specifically made for long journeys). He does this in an effort to overcome obstacles, represent his country, and serve as society’s role model. What an awesome guy.

The Problem

Khaled required a presentation to deliver to the regional General Manager of BMW, a brand he undeniably loves for its excellence, innovation, and reliability. The presentation needs to profile his characteristics and adventurous accomplishments, all while making a request to become a fully-certified BMW trainer.

The Solution

A carefully crafted, and beautifully visualized story that introduces Khaled, visually representing his achievements and the tools he used to conquer his adventures, all ending with an ask to be BMW's regional promoter.



Content Creation


Presentation Design


Microsoft PowerPoint

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

NOTE: The slides you're about to see were designed by Slide Cow Inc, in a co-creation process with the client. However, because we really value client confidentiality, we've purposely not shown some of the slides of the final deck, and have also omitted some sensitive copy by replacing words with "Lorem Ipsum" dummy text fillers.

The Front Cover of Khaled Al-Jaber's Presentation. Fancy, right?

The Strategy

The project got going after a quick coffee meetup between Slide Cow’s CEO, Yousef “Yoyo” Abu Ghaidah, and Khaled Al-Jaber. They agreed was to schedule a meeting that went over three key things:

  1. Why BMW? Why not any automobile brand?
  2. Why become a certified trainer?
  3. Why does Khaled think his accomplishments are sufficient to leverage the request of promoting BMW?

After meeting Khaled, Yoyo managed to dig deep and get a lot out of him. The point of the exercise was to throw away all the robotic, vague answers like “BMW is very well known” or “I think being a trainer would be good” and reveal the burning pains that Khaled’s facing.

That face of determination though!

The Breakthrough

After a one-hour consultation, Yoyo managed to reveal three things that Khaled himself didn’t really think about.

First, Khaled loves BMW because it’s his brand of choice when it comes to adventures. These adventures span countries — sometimes continents — and can last months-on-end. There's an obvious emotional connection to BMW, almost to the point where he sees their motorcycles as sidekicks in journeys.

Second, he wants to become BMW’s certified trainer to leverage his personal profile (which boasts over 150,000 collective followers on his social media), all while giving back to the brand. He didn’t so much care about the money as he did about the connection

Third, Khaled is really proud of his achievements (as he rightly should be). He carries his country’s flag on every adventure he pursues. He told us stories of how people came up to him, and told him he was a role model and inspiration to achieving one’s goals. These good vibes are easy platforms for BMW to utilize.

Yoyo was so fascinated by his story that he asked for every high resolution picture of the adventurer that Khaled had available. Lucky for us, he had loads (around 4GB worth). A lot of them were perfect for the design phase of the project.

"What you did was amazing! I was just showing my wife and she loves it too! Thank you so much!"
-Khaled Al-Jaber

The Story

Yoyo got the content creation to work to craft the perfect narrative. The team set up a simple structure that starts with a summary slide in the form of a letter to the BMW. The summary slide was then followed by four separate sections:

  • Who he is, what he’s done, and why he did it.
  • His request, and why he’s requesting it
  • The motivation behind his adventures
  • The top four adventures he’s been on

Since a presentation has to appeal to an audience, Yoyo spent the most amount of time crafting the perfect message to BMW himself. He suggested that Khaled leverage his personal brand to BMW’s so that the German automobile giant can stand to gain by doing so.

The "letter" to the BMW General Manager. Don't you think the signature's a nice touch?

The Design

Once the storyboard was in place, Yoyo and the design team got to work by speaking the visual language that BMW understands.

We first started off with the easy stuff by using their colors as a baseline to the project. Doing so promotes BMW’s brand on every slide, cementing the fact that this presentation is for them, and nobody else.

We recognize that Khaled is an unsung and adventurous hero, so we visually communicated that too. We went for a dirty-yet-clean approach on every slide to visually illustrate Khaled’s Journey. Picture the outcome of a man that has went from country to country on a motorbike for months. He’s sure to get a little dirt here and there.

Map section: slide 1 of 3

Map section: slide 2 of 3

Map section: slide 3 of 3

Finally, we wanted to theme Khaled’s journey’s as best as we can in a way that touched on globalism, technology, and an overall love for life.

Final Thoughts

We loved this project, but we love Khaled’s energy and ambitions more. He wasn’t shy about the love he had for our work either.

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