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All Presentations Are NOT Equal. Especially when the Future Of Your Business Is at Stake!

Do you have a big presentation coming up? Perhaps your next important round of investment, budget allocation or that deal you’ve been waiting to close? Maybe your next big PR event, where your the world will be watching you…

We’re here to help!

Have you wondered what would it be like to deliver a presentation that would keep your audience captivated all the way through?

With our help, your audience will enjoy your presentation so much they’ll be asking you for the next one, like it’s a friggin’ Netflix special!

How do you turn your boring presentations into captivating stories with stunning visuals that keep your audience hooked until the end and get you what you want?

Partner up with team Slide Cow for your next big presentation and let us make this happen for your company’s next presentation.

Our Services

Branded Presentation Templates

Tailor-made for your brand. Created with rapid presentation deck building in mind. Your teams will start putting together drop dead gorgeous and engaging presentations in 1/2 time.

Custom Presentation Design

Be it your next big investor meeting, a public event or your annual internal presentations, let's partner up to knock your presentation design out of the park!

Pitch Decks for Investment Rounds

Get ready to wow your investors, keep them engaged and leave them wanting to up their funding. Our presentations will communicate the real worth of your work!

What are people saying?

My competitors will be jealous!

I needed an original ppt template that would “wow” my executive-level business clients. And it had to be customized for the specific kinds of data I most often report. Slide Cow delivered! Fresh design, fantastic understanding of my audience, great customer service.
Kathryn Korostoff
President and Lead Instructor, Research Rockstar LLC.

Beautiful Slides with a Great Story!

The templates even help me structure the way i want to tell my story with the way they're designed as they inspire some flow ideas. After working with Slidecow, I don't think i can work with any other presentation design company! You set the bar so high. Keep up the good work.
Maryam Alsemaitt
Co-Founder / Partner @ Makery.


Slide Cow believes in enthusiasm, engagement and getting-result as its core value. We believe the world will be a better place if everyone is passionate, excited and empathetic in everything they do.

In our case, we’re all about creating beautiful presentations that get results. We dream of a world every single presentation is inspiring and engages the audience until the end and leaves them wanting more. Our mission is to change the way we communicate in the world, one slide at a time.

Investments, Budgets, Deals?

Our presentations are designed to get you the results you have been counting on!


Crafted For Engagement

Say goodbye to boring 'wall of text' presentations that puts your audience to sleep.

When You Work With Us, You’re In Good Great Company

We don’t deliver presentations. We deliver results by crafting engaging experiences. And we deliver them in a way that reflects your values and communicates your real worth like a super shiny mirror.


We understand your concerns. Every engagement comes with a hand crafted NDA that fits your organization’s needs.

Quick Turn-Around

Time and tide waits for none… why should your presentations? We get time sensitive your next big pitch, event or meeting can be

Your Needs

This isn’t about making your slides pretty, though we are damn good at that too. But this is about studying your deeper goals getting you results.

Your Brand

Every slide will represent your brand values, personality, voice with a deep understanding of your customer personas and your brand promise.



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